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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Came across this gem today:

Makes me feel bad for that poor gall bladder...

You can find a ton of other hilarious comics on, and a lot of them are "medical"-related humor! Yes, there are a lot of corny science jokes, but I find them hilarious!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Here goes nothing...

Hello there! I'm the Surge(on). Apparently. And that is one of the most awesome things that has happened to me.

Today, March 17th, 2014, I was officially notified that I matched into a General Surgery residency position. It’s a preliminary spot, which means (to those of you who have no idea how this thing works) that I will be a surgical intern for a year only to then have to apply again to be able to secure a more permanent position (General Surgery is a 5-year program).

I also have a pretty good idea of where I will be going, so at least I won’t have to deal with the stress of waiting 4 more days until they finally tell me exactly where I matched (that’s right, today they only tell us poor, tortured souls whether or not we matched, but not where).  The agony of not knowing would have probably killed me.

But who am I, exactly? You can certainly ask that, but I couldn’t possibly comment (House of Cards, anyone?).

I’m an almost-30-year-old male with no relevant past medical or surgical history, no allergies, no relevant family history and an impeccably perfect physical exam (I wish!). 12-point review of systems otherwise negative. I’m married with no children. My wife is also a resident physician. I rent, and likely won’t own a house for several more years. I drive a 6-year-old car and will continue to do so until the wheels fall off. My student loan debt is... well… I stopped counting after the $300,000 mark (being a foreigner makes things more expensive).  I like sci-fi way, way more than is good for me. I like movies, shooting guns, long relaxing drives, traveling and eating. Boy, do I like eating. And I’m an excellent cook, so that’s not good for me. Most important of all, I love surgery and I am ecstatic that I have the opportunity to make it my profession.

So, I decided to start this blog now. I don’t know why. It’s not like I’ll have a whole lot of time to dedicate to it. But I thought I’d use it as an outlet to tell my story and my experiences, share them with the world (or just with procrastinating slackers like you! Shouldn’t you be working instead of wasting time on the Interwebs?).
What will this blog be about? My life as a young white male cruising through a surgery residency, as well as other random thoughts, pictures, stories, and anything else I feel like taking the time to share.

I’m also going to try to be funny, so be prepared to be let down. Multiple times.

A couple of disclaimers:

  1. I curse. A lot. Don’t like it? Get off my fucking blog. I don’t wanna hear about it in the comments.
  2. Like I said, I don’t know how frequently I’ll be updating this thing, so extremely delayed or total lack of replies should be the norm. Sorry.
  3. I’ll try my best to be politically correct. But don’t count on it.
  4. Any names I use in here are completely made up. I may attempt at making them funny.

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you will enjoy it!

The Surge(on)